Wishing Well Proceeds for Our Lady of Sorrows Foundation
Our Lady of Sorrows Outreach Foundation

On March 1, 2017, The Heritage Hotel Manila forwarded its donation amounting to Php 12,758.85 to “Our Lady of Sorrows Outreach Foundation” from the proceeds of the Wishing Well stationed at the hotel’s lobby. The said foundation caters to out-of-school youths and less privileged communities through scholarship grants and livelihood programs.
The Heritage Hotel Manila has forwarded a total of Php 5,795.45 cash from the proceeds of Wishing Well stationed at the hotel’s lobby to Our Lady of Sorrows Outreach Foundation last 2 July 2014. The said foundation caters to out-of-school youth and less privileged community through scholarship grant and livelihood programs.

2. Community

Blood Letting Activities
Twice a year, The Heritage Hotel Manila conducts a blood letting activity, which is usually scheduled in August and December. On April 21, 2017, the Philippine National Red Cross collected a total of 9,450 ml from 21 donors, on August 2, 2017 9,000 ml from donors and on December 11, 2017 10,800 ml from 24 donors

On-the-Job Training for Students
The Heritage Hotel Manila provides real world experience and training ground for future players in the industry by equipping students in training with confidence, right attitude and appropriate skills to prepare them for competitive careers. A total of 112 students from various universities around Metro Manila have taken their on-the-job training and familiarization workshop at the hotel. Career opportunities in the hotel were also given to outstanding students.

3. Health & Safety

Annual Annual Fire & Earthquake Drill

To ensure that the hotel is in compliance with the health and safety standards and continuously safeguard the guests, employees and properties, hotel employees underwent trainings on emergency preparedness and rescue responses.

And to show support to the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in its efforts to create a culture of preparedness among urban residents for the possible 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the country, these trainings were put into action during the annual fire drill and earthquake drill on June 30, 2017 in coordination with the hotel’s Engineering Department and local city fire department.

4. Environmental

Earth Hour
The Heritage Hotel Manila participated in the Earth Hour conducted last 25 March 2017. Through this participation, the hotel switched off its interior and exterior lights as well as applied the use of candles at the Riviera Cafe for one hour. This participation corresponds to the call for the international community to mobilize action against global warming and climate change.

Green Practices
The hotel always sees to incorporate daily green practices such as recycling, digitization of paper documents and use of LED lights to reduce carbon footprint.

Coastal Clean Up Day
The Heritage Hotel Manila joined the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Squadron 116th in its service to achieving trash free seas through coastal cleanup. Volunteers from the hotel picked up trash and various litter along the Manila Bay Coastline. Coastal Cleanup is a global event initiated by Ocean Conservancy since 1986 to involve people in the removing of trash and debris from beaches, coastal regions and surrounding areas throughout the world, identify the sources of debris, and change behavioral patterns that contribute to pollution.

5. Employees

Health Information Drive and Wellness Program
We place a high premium on employees’ health and wellness through raising their awareness on recent health concerns and interventions that can help employees attain and maintain healthier lifestyle. Through educational campaign such as Wellness Lecture (Smoking & Vaping) and importance of vaccination, there was a significant reduction in absenteeism, sick leaves and turnover. Thorough medical exam among all employees was done in the hotel on July 13-14, 2017 and health conditions of employees are regularly monitored by the hotel doctor. Employees perform better when they feel healthy and enjoy the monetary conversion of their sick leaves thus, improving their morale and sense of fulfillment at work.

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