1. First Impressions Count
Perceptions are paramount in our industry and a good first impression makes a significant difference. Mind your body language and be wary of using hand gestures as they can mean different things in different cultures.

2. Giving that Little Extra
Knowing your guests, eg. offering suitable suggestions or help where appropriate, if your guests approach you for information about shopping area, ask if they are looking for anything in particular. You can suggest a location and even recommend other places they can visit such as areas to try local food.

3. Anticipate Your Guest’s Need
Offer your guests the service even before they ask for it, eg. Offer your guests a drink and towel to freshen up when they check – in.

4. Perform One Good Deed A Day
Seek opportunities to perform a good deed for a guest or a colleague, eg. when the guest forgot to bring his tie, instead of telling him where he can buy the tie, offer to lend him one.

5. Be A Gracious Host
Treat your guests just like you would treat visitors to your home. Give your guests a warm welcome, greet all guests and wish them a pleasant stay.

6. Little Things Can Make A Big Difference
Compliment your guest or perform thoughtful gestures such as offering a wake up call when you find out that the guest needs to attend an early meeting.

7. Surprise Your Guest
Perform unexpected thoughtful gestures, eg. if you know the guests are return guests and they have children, present them with little souvenirs (coloring books, toys).

8. Service that Warms the Heart of Your Guest
Perform something that would touch the heart and put a smile, eg. simple gestures like welcoming the guest back to the hotel can brighten up your guest‘s stay.

9. Service Without Borders
Take ownership of the guest’s problem regardless of whether it concerns your department. Offer assistance to a colleague without being asked.